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    Not many small companies have thrived in the auto industry for as long as we have. Our way of doing business seems to work.

    In December of 1980, there was a very real need for Porsche service on Vancouver’s west side. We knew this because we were Porsche owners and enthusiasts ourselves. Armed with nothing more than the credit line on a Visa card, we rented a 600 square foot space and put in a two bay shop. It didn’t take long for word to spread around the Porsche community and soon, we were booked out weeks in advance and often had to work outside “California style” to accommodate the overflow.

    In 1982, we moved to a second shop consisting of four bays, a glass walled engine assembly room, a small boutique area, and a parts department the size of an average bedroom. We were on a roll.


    By 1985, we had five employees and business was booming. Space became available at 7th & Yukon, previously the old Checkered Flag (Lotus Dealer) building, which was four times the size. Having a 5 car showroom gave us a nice sales presence and Stuart now had 3 technicians in the workshop. We thought we’d never outgrow the building! From ’87 to ’96, we really expanded our business in sales, service and parts. People came to view us as the “Porsche Authority” in Western Canada.

    In those years we were racing “Elvis”, a vintage racing Porsche 356, at the Westwood track. We also sponsored some vintage rally talent who went on to win their class in the Lotus Elan.

    In 1992, we were offered our first franchise and became Western Canada’s dealer for Lotus Cars.

    It’s now 1996, and we’re out of space again! So, we set about building our current store on Vancouver’s west side. This showroom and shop was certainly convenient to our clients, and its location served to introduce us to a whole new generation of Porsche and Lotus owners. Stuart was now running the service department with the confidence of a maestro, complemented with a squad of master technicians. With a full parts team, a sales force and 8500 square feet we had now the dream team and it felt like we were running on all cylinders.

    2001, and more renovations were needed to accommodate a larger showroom. We set out to really grow the Weissach brand, because we knew we were blessed with an energy and attraction that was unique.

    We indulged in motorsports again, entered endurance racing in our 88 Carrera and won…numerous times. It was heartening to see that our competitive spirit at the track was still alive. Motorsport remains a big focus with our staff, and last year we were proud to win our class at Whistler in GTO, and also the BC regional Solo 2 Championship in A/SP with our Carrera. We also competed successfully in the West Coast Endurance road racing series and ran all 5 races for 2002 with a grand performance; one 1st place, one 2nd place and three 3rd place finishes, with the overall result a 1st place. For 2003, we ran the car at the Whistler Porsche Club Autocross and road raced only once… sadly.

    In 2004, we were appointed the Lamborghini Dealer for Western Canada and it was a perfect fit for us. Our job was to re-introduce Vancouverites to the Lamborghini brand after a 13 year absence, and we were very excited. At first. we had the Lamborghini brand at our current West 2nd and Burrard location, but relocated it to its own showroom two doors down when space came available.

    Track days and drives were big on our schedule and our team also got better and stronger. We took on the RUF brand and made that a big part of our business, representing the little-known German brand in North America. In 2004, we decided to take on TechArt in favour of RUF, and we have represented them ever since. Through the economic good times of 2006 and 2007, we invested in our communities and at the local PCA Chapters, sponsoring countless events that we enjoyed tremendously. We continued our commitment to providing sales, service and parts for Porsche automobiles; this remained a fundamental part of our business.

    2009 brought us an offer we couldn’t refuse; the chance to represent the prestigious Bugatti brand.

    In 2010 we opened the “Colezione Automobili Lamborghini” store in Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall. This is only the third store of its kind in the world, after LA and Beijing. The boutique offers everything Lamborghini and is a “must visit” for afficionados.

    Our Porsche business saw us selling cars across the country and our reputation allowed us to grow in volume.

    We had also found a new home for the Lamborghini store and bought and refurbuished a third of the block across the street to firmly establish the brand in a spectacular store that has really allowed us to showcase automobile Lamborghini. Truly a WOW statement and we celebrated in grand style sept 2013.

    Plans were also underway to refurbish the Weissach store and we completed a nice clean up and refresh in 2014.

    In the summer of 2015 we opened our brand new Lamborghini store on heritage drive in Calgary . Architecturally stunning on 2 floors and 20000 sq feet this represents a new standard for all of us . The lower floor is dedicated to the Lamborghini brand and upstairs we have a mixed collection of premium pre owned sports cars along with our Weissach brand of perfect Porsches. All this is supported by a full parts and service team who are committed to the same experience you have come to rely on. We will also represent the lotus, Koenigsegg and Ruf brands here.

    We are thrilled that we have been able to create a small centre of excellence in Calgary and we welcome you to visit.

    2015 also brought racing activity back with 2 cars at Lamborghini super trofeo and our competitive spirit got the better of us with 2 Huracan and we ended the year with the north American champions and the world champions in AM Class. We are also corporate members at the area 27 track in Oliver BC where we will host our track and driving events.

    2016 reintroduced us back to the Ruf family and we are thrilled to be representing RUF automobiles in Canada.

    Our website has evolved with the times as well, and we welcome your comments at info@weissach.com.

    Since 1980, we’ve been working shoulder to shoulder with the same people and striving for the same goal: to make Weissach one of your favourite automotive experiences. I think we’re running out of space again, at least for this story. Stuart and I want to thank you, our customers, for making our business grow.

    Asgar Virji

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