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    The New Lotus Evora GT410 Sport

    Relentless in its development of world-class sports cars, Lotus has unveiled the new Evora GT410 Sport to complete the revised line-up of Hethel’s fastest model.

    Launched in Lotus’ 70th year and ahead of its anniversary celebrations, the new Evora GT410 Sport takes one of Lotus’ success stories, and refines it through the application of enlightened design. Available in both 2 seat and 2+2 configurations, and in manual and automatic transmissions, the Evora GT410 Sport draws from the phenomenal Evora GT430 to provide advanced aerodynamics to an already celebrated sports car.

    Combining the latest design philosophy with a car acclaimed by both critics and [...]

    The New, Expanded Lotus Evora GT430 Range

    Lotus has introduced an expanded Evora GT430 line-up designed to appeal to those who want the ultimate in high performance sports cars.

    Following the debut of the Lotus Evora GT430, Lotus has introduced an expanded Evora GT430 line-up. Designed to appeal to a wider range of customers who want the ultimate in high performance sports cars.

    Evora GT430 Sport joins the line-up

    Adding to the acclaimed Evora 400 and Evora Sport 410 models, the new Evora GT430 range now includes two body options and a choice transmission. Joining the recently announced Evora GT430 is the Evora GT430 Sport. A new member of the family that carries the same phenomenal firepower and sculptured body-style but without the additional downforce-creating aerodynamic elements. Both models are powered by the same 3.5-litre V6 supercharged and charge cooled engine, producing 430 hp and 440 Nm of torque (Automatic version: 450 Nm).

    Without the aerodynamic elements, the Evora GT430 Sport weighs 10kg less at [...]

    The New Lotus Exige Cup 430: Unlimited Edition

    The new series production Exige Cup 430 is Lotus’ wildest incarnation of its point-to-point two-seater sports car.

    The New Lotus Exige Cup 430

    New to the Exige, the Cup 430 sees the introduction of a savage, high-performance engine installation. Mated to a new supercharger and chargecooler, designed specifically for the unique demands of this vehicle. A development of the powertrain recently used on the phenomenal Lotus Evora GT430. Perfectly paired with a newly-designed body, which delivers enhanced aerodynamic performance to reveal the model’s true potential. The result is a strikingly different beast of pure performance, that’s not for the faint of heart.

    With 55 hp, or 15%, more power than the limited production Exige Cup 380 model it succeeds, and 220 kg of downforce, it’s a monster of a car. Compared to the Exige Sport 350, it has 24% more power and generates the same downforce at 100 mph as [...]

    Unbeatable driving courses from entry level through to the coveted Lotus Licence with the new Lotus Driving Academy.


    New Lotus Driving Academy opens at Hethel

    Drivers seeking the opportunity to experience the latest Lotus sports cars at the famed manufacturer’s facility in Norfolk, will now have the chance. Presenting the opening of the new Lotus Driving Academy in August 2017.

    From as little as £119 for the entry level experience, right through to the intensive ‘Gold’ course at £899. The Lotus Driving Academy offers a range of experiences suitable for anyone looking for a more involving and informative track session that will enhance and hone their driving skills. Jean-Marc Gales, Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus plc, said, “Lotus Driving Academies around the world are hugely popular, giving hundreds of people [...]

    Punching well above its weight, the new Lotus Elise Cup 250 offers a scintillating blend of purity of purpose with performance. At the apex of the recently revised Elise range. Supercharged, lightweight and distilled from Lotus’ extensive motorsport knowhow. This new model packs 243 hp into a chassis designed to deliver the benchmark in responsive handling and haptic feedback. The car’s enhanced aerodynamics come from a number of additions. These include a new lightweight rear wing, front splitter, bargeboards and rear diffuser contributing to 125 kg of downforce at 140 mph.

    The New Lotus Elise Cup 250

    As the latest car to receive the Cup treatment, the new Lotus Elise Cup 250 bridges the gap between road and track. This offers racecar capabilities in a package that can be used every day. [...]


    Lotus Vancouver

    We are delighted to share some exciting news with you: we have opened a fourth location at the corner of West 3rd Avenue and Fir St. Welcome the new Lotus Vancouver showroom!

    Originally built as the first LOTUS Store – Auto in Vogue – this beautiful building will be diving back to its roots to serve as the new home to our LOTUS sales showroom, alongside the other sports and luxury marks that we take on trade. We are happy to announce that we are OPEN and we hope to be of service to you.

    At Lotus Vancouver, we have a wide range of vehicle makes and models to suits your needs. If we don’t have your dream car currently in stock, we will find it!

    The original Weissach store at 1757 West 2nd Avenue will remain dedicated to the [...]

    The Black and Gold Lotus Evora Sport 410 GP Edition Is Heading To America

    Few race teams have such a deeply iconice liveries as Team Lotus

    Few race teams have such deeply iconic liveries as Team Lotus!

    From the Gold Leaf cars from the late 1960s to the bright yellow Camel cars that lasted until the early 1990s, arguably none is more iconic than the John Player Special cars that brought world championships to Emerson Fittipaldi and Mario Andretti. Now that same sleek black and gold paint scheme can be had on the new Lotus Evora Sport 410 GP Edition. Even better, it’s heading to America.

    While the GP Edition isn’t anything more than a special paint scheme, what a wonderful design it is. The livery is based on the John Player Special Team Lotus cars that competed in Formula One between 1972 and 1986. The black paint is accented with gold stripes along the hood, fenders, doors, and rocker panel. Gold Evora Sport 410 [...]

    Lotus Evora 400

    The Lotus Evora 400 is the fastest Lotus road car of the New Millennium.

    The Lotus Evora 400 is the fastest Lotus road car of the New Millennium!

    Its lightweight chassis has been lowered and widened to make cockpit entry and exit to the 2+2 composite body easy. The Evora 400 exudes the Lotus spirit of lightness and driving purity so succinctly. Despite producing 400 hp (406 ps) from its 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine, with its comfortable cabin displaying many new features, the overall kerbweight of the Evora 400 has been reduced by 42 kg over its forebear. As a result, its exquisite power to weight ratio, combined with an aerodynamic package that maintains zero lift but increases downforce at high speeds, simply enhances its supercar appeal.



    October 2016

    Final anniversary edition celebrating 50 years at Hethel Based on the exceptional Exige Sport 350 Distinctive lightweight options as standard, saving 26 kg Weighs 1,099 kg and delivers 314 hp/tonne benchmark performance


    Saving the hardest until last, the new Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition is a fitting completion to the trilogy of Lotus 50th celebration editions.

    Based on the most extreme Exige to date, the Sport 350, the new special edition adds a number of lightweight, performance-enhancing features, as well as unique paint and interior options as standard.

    Long regarded as the enthusiast’s favourite, the new Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition takes the model’s benchmark handling and raw performance and adds a sense of occasion. Packing a supercharged 345 hp, V6 3.5 litre engine, and weighing 26 [...]

    Lotus Evora 400 debuts at the Geneva Motorshow

    Lotus Evora 400 debuts at the Geneva Motorshow

    – Fastest and most powerful production Lotus ever
    – Lighter and more efficient than before
    – Legendary benchmark Lotus handling

    About the Lotus Evora 400

    The new Lotus Evora 400 is the latest pure and focused supercar from Lotus, combining high performance with the legendary Lotus benchmark handling. It is faster and dynamically more capable than the previous Lotus Evora leading to greater agility and a more involving drive.

    Maximum speed is 186 mph (300 km/h) and acceleration 0-60 mph is just 4.1 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds). This enables the new Lotus Evora 400 to lap the challenging test track at the Lotus Headquarters in Hethel, Norfolk, a scintillating SIX seconds faster than the previous model.

    Over two thirds of the Lotus Evora 400 is new, including its supercharged and charge-cooled mid-mounted 3.5-litre V6 engine producing 400 [...]

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